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Hi pretty – the goal was never to just “sell clothes”. Very X Valentina LLC was built with passion. The love for fashion and creating looks being one; but empowering others to show up as the best version of themselves, no matter what, is what continues to drive the brand.


Fashion can be so clichè, for sure. But here, fashion really is an outlet to express yourself. The mission is to embody confidence and curate stylish looks for you to express yourself, lavishly. Be unapologetically bold. We encourage you to paint your own portrait. What your mind creates, VXV will be the resource to make it come to life. And you will love. You will be it. Feel that aura, it’s yours. Love the skin you’re in. There is only one of you. 


















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At Very X Valentina it's quality > everything. Valuable merchandise comes compromise free.
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Prioritizing providing fashion-forward products. Self care day, cute date, brunch, or fun night out with the girls? This is your go-to brand for your favorite occasions where the statement is, you.
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First off, thank you for being here. More than anything, we value you and your interest in Very X Valentina. 

Customer service is our number one priority. Please be sure to contact or (772)-302-0465 for customer care.

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Very X Valentina does not stop to provide timeless, voguish women’s clothing for ladies who desire to make a statement anywhere they go.